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Cutting thru reinforced concrete, asphalt, precast concrete, and light weight panels and other structural materials

  • Cutting thru 20mm – 500mm thick slabs
  • Cutting for trenching, suspended slab openings, duct openings, elevator openings, expansion joints and decorative cutting, loop detectors, stairwells, machine pads, patch removal on roads, etc.
  • Commercial, industrial, medical, and residential work. Clean, efficient, and quiet

Openings cut thru reinforced concrete, precast concrete, brick, cinderblock, and other structural materials

  • Openings cut thru floors and walls
  • Openings cut for doors, windows, dock levelers, crawl space access, brick ledges, ducts and pipes thru floors and walls
  • Cutting to remove part or all of existing walls and curb
  • Cutting openings for large diameter pipes
  • Able to cut to a maximum thickness of 500mm from one side
  • Commercial, industrial, medical, and residential work. Clean, efficient, and quiet

Removing a cylinder of concrete is core drilling / coring machines philippines which we use Heavy Duty Diamond Core Drills & Grade A Diamond Core Bits to precisely cut through concrete smoothly and efficiently.  Many different concrete cutting techniques are employed based on applications. RHAJTEK-LINO concrete cutting engages state-of-the-art diamond cutting innovations to help make our work as accurate as possible. Concrete cutting encompasses a range of methods which are performed by our professional staff and machine operators to effectively as well as carefully cut large or small, square-or rectangle-shaped incisions inside surface concrete or perhaps even slab concrete. Core drilling is often described as the procedure of generating accurate circular cuts in concrete in order to make clean for a number of applications.

Round Holes Cut In Reinforced Concrete, Precast Concrete, Asphalt, Brick, Cinderblock, and other structural materials

  • Holes cut in a complete range of diameters, at any angle required, and at any thickness required
  • Holes cut thru walls, floors for electrical, plumbing, sewer, sprinklers, and other unique applications
  • Holes can be cut upside down thru ceilings if no access is available form above
  • Commercial, industrial, medical and residential work. Clean, efficient and quiet

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