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ZBL-R630A is used to test the location of rebar in concrete, the thickness of the protective layer, and the diameter, orientation, and distribution of rebar by using an electromagnetic induction method. It also can be used to test the distribution of magnetic and conductor such as cables and metal pipes in non-magnetic medium and non-conducting medium


  • Unique all-wheel, dustproof and waterproof multi-parameter rebar probe ensures accuracy and reliability of data taking
  • Rebar detection is automatically alerted by the probe via flashing red light
  • The world's first wireless onsite data transfer function, remote management also available
  • Data can be stored on usb-thumb drive, great for field work
  • The device can generate rebar distribution maps and rebar corrosion potential contour graphs
  • Powerful professional analysis-process software allows for the automatic generation of test reports

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